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Why Fatigue is Such a Universal Symptom – And What You Can Do About It

Updated: May 2, 2023

Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, or lack of energy that is not relieved by rest. Fatigue can have a significant negative impact on an individual's quality of life, and it can also pose significant economic consequences for society. In this blog post, we will explore the various causes of fatigue and discuss what you can do to manage this common problem.

Types of Fatigue

There are two types of fatigue: acute and chronic. Acute fatigue is the kind you feel after a long day at work or after running a marathon. It's normal and usually goes away after you get some rest.

Chronic fatigue, on the other hand, is when you feel fatigued all the time – even after you’ve rested. It can be caused by many different medical conditions, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and anxiety. Chronic fatigue is a problem for a lot of people in different settings. Fatigue that lasts for a long time can be really bad and have a lot of consequences for society. doctors don't know exactly what causes chronic fatigue, but it might be because of physical, psychological, and social factors. If you think you might have chronic fatigue, it's important to see your doctor.

Some signs of normal fatigue are feeling tired after a good night's sleep, feeling drained after physical activity, and needing coffee or energy drinks to make it through the day.

If you are feeling tired for no reason, and this fatigue does not go away with rest, it might be a sign that you have an underlying disease. Other signs of fatigue caused by an underlying disease include feeling so tired that you can't function normally and feeling tired for more than six weeks.

Causes of Fatigue

There are many different causes of fatigue. It can be hard to figure out the cause in each case. Fatigue can be caused by being active, not sleeping enough, being stressed, taking medication, or having a medical condition. If you are feeling tired all the time, it is important to talk to a healthcare professional to see if there is an underlying medical condition. In many cases, fatigue can be managed with lifestyle changes such as getting regular exercise, practicing good sleep hygiene, and managing stress levels.

How Common is Fatigue?

Fatigue is a problem that a lot of people have. Studies say that as many as 60% of people have fatigue. Fatigue is more common in women than men, and it gets more common the older you get. Fatigue can have a really bad effect on how you feel, and it can also cost society a lot of money.

Costs of Fatigue

Fatigue costs the US economy around $136 billion every year. This includes lost productivity, absenteeism, and healthcare expenditures.

Fatigue is a complex problem. There is still much to learn about it, but there are many things you can do to manage it and improve your quality of life. If you are struggling with fatigue, talk to your healthcare provider about possible treatments.

Lab Tests

If you are experiencing severe chronic fatigue, your doctor may want to order the following lab tests:

- A complete blood count (CBC)

- A C-reactive protein (CRP) test

- An Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) test

- Thyroid function tests

- Liver enzyme levels

- Kidney function tests

Some tests may help rule out any medical conditions causing your fatigue. If you are struggling with fatigue, there are many resources available to help you manage this condition. Talk to your healthcare provider about what treatment options may be right for you.

In summary, fatigue is a nearly universal symptom that can be normal or a sign of many different medical conditions. It is important to see your doctor if you think you might have chronic fatigue so they can rule out any underlying medical conditions. In many cases, fatigue can be managed through lifestyle changes.

IV infusions can help improve fatigue by giving the body fluids, vitamins, and minerals. This is done by having an IV catheter inserted into a vein in your arm and the fluid goes directly into your bloodstream. This helps the body absorb the nutrients quickly which can help to improve fatigue.

At IV Essence, we offer labs and a variety of IV infusions that can help with fatigue.

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